Clean-N-Jerk Muscle Tank

Clean-N-Jerk Muscle Tank

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Smash your next PR...ANIMAL STYLE!!!

Get your Clean-N-Jerk Muscle Tank and flex your love for double-doubles while you lift those heavy singles!

Made from premium ringspun cotton so you stay cool during the toughest barbell WODs! Plus, the crew neck collar covers up those bruised collar bones too!

  • The perfect tank to wear over your favorite sports bra!
  • Lightweight fabric keeps you cool during the heaviest lifts!
  • Flowy, relaxed fit for max style & comfort
  • 65% polyester, 35% viscose (the soft, stretchy stuff)
  • 100% machine washable (because we clean barbells...not laundry) 
  • Printed in 'Murica for quality you can trust!
  • Free Shipping + Easy AF No-Sweat Returns!